Chocolate and us



I love the sound of the word “Sokolata” (chocolate)!
I chose this name on impulse when I opened my first shop in 2003, then I had to find exceptional chocolate to live up to it!

I looked everywhere, I tasted, I enquired and my search lead me to Valrhona.
I attended a professional patisserie seminar at L’ Ecole du Grand Chocolat Valrhona in France. An excellent training experience. I learned al lot about blends, places of origin, varieties, aroma, the successful pairing of flavors and ingredients.

I was reunited with my childhood friend Christo, shortly after I got seriously involved with chocolate.
As time went by we realized we shared the same love for hospitality and the enthusiasm for setting up unique environments as well as the passion for chocolate. Eventually we decided to create our own special place in Voulis, Syntagma

In our new location, in Voulis, Syntagma, chocolate is also flowing fragrantly in a cup.
We are the only place in Europe, possibly in the world, to offer such an extensive range of Valrhona flavors and varieties as chocolate beverages. And we are constantly experimenting and developing special recipes.

We ’d love to take you on a journey around the world through the flavors and fragrance of chocolate.
At “SOKOLATA” you can choose among 19 exceptional Valrhona varieties, single origin or special blends, with a 32% to 85% content, from sweet and fragrant to bitter and austere.



You can consult our exclusive catalogue to choose your beverage.
Or you can let us make a suggestion.
Chocolate is our passion and the subject is endless!